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Leave the Work Unfinished…

(Laisser l'œuvre inachevée…)
Artistic production – and I do mean “figurative work” especially includes the area of the visual arts and all its disciplines, but also theatre and film. CREATION !

“The unfinished”, I think, is an extremely important even a crucial moment, which activates the connection between the artist and the addressee. Thus an “unfinished work” creates a particular tension and a creative bond – “a question” – and expects “an answer”. “Questions – answers?!” Irritability and curiosity require positive or negative feedback. Both positions are clearly more pressing “issues” but they measure the depth of their completeness. Thus they more irritate and provoke the perception of both parties to that game!
Richard Köhler is an artist admirably unravelling this secret. He is presenting his ideas of “incompleteness”. It is not a coincidence, but his conscious objective of the artist to create mysterious tension between the sender and the receiver who has the opportunity to tinge the artist’s question with his own individual utterance. It is a tension and a panorama of creative possibilities. Both sides thus become co-authors of the resulting work.
Richard Köhler is a traveller with open eyes. His “reportage views” present his ability to observe and detect the seemingly imperceptible and unnoticed, the seemingly insignificant, in New York, Paris, Tokyo and elsewhere. We are astonished at his revelatory shortcuts that show us the macro views of the surrounding world. They are the testimonies of existence and life here and there.

The discovery of “incompleteness” opens a broad dialogue and invites us to active co-creation!

ALEX MLYNARCIK, November 2016