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Life goes on...

JANUARY 28 - MARCH 31, 2021


“Life goes on …” is the twelfth solo exhibition for Ben at the Lara Vincy Gallery since 1983. You will find below Ben’s presentation for the event.

The exhibition is entitled « LIFE GOES ON … »
Initially I wanted to call it
“I don’t know what to do”
In fact I have decided
To develop several different themes on the wall

You will see:
Suitcases on the ground as if
You wanted to go somewhere

You will see:
A Fluxus piece
Music for children

You will see:
4 pieces from my series on proper nouns

You will see:
New work on colour
Black white blue

You will see:
Stands with objects
That I put in a pot
And one canvas

But most of all you will see:
My desire to debate
Over the theme of ego
An entire wall of it

Ego is my constant feature
Like a second nature
I see ego everywhere
It is my explanation for the universe
I can’t get rid of it

Whether I write
Whether I rehash old ground
Whether I repeat myself
Whether I rack my brains
Whether I contradict myself:
It is ego

Life going on
It is ego

Art history
Between people and individuals:
It is ego

Foreign policy
People’s ego
Their right to manage their own destiny:
It is ego

The stock exchange, money
The art market:
It is ego

It is ego

Whether anybody reads my text about ego or not
I cry and
It is ego

To appear or not to appear
On TV:
It is ego

The Covid and its variants
Wanting to survive:
It is ego

The life of bees:
It is ego

And killing each other:
It is ego

Ego is a dead end
No living creature
Can do without it
Can come out of it
Not even Buddhist monks
Nor the Pope:
It is ego

Non ego:
It is ego

It is ego

It is ego

The cactus sitting on the table:
It is ego

I have written a lot about ego
I am then repeating myself
It is ego

I have not yet established
A relationship between ego
And the big bang
But I now suggest that
The big bang:
It is ego

Three hundred billion years ago
There was much of nothing
And then from this nothing
That was getting bored … out came:
It is ego

I ask myself too many questions:
It is ego

All things alive and striving to survive
Through reproduction:
It is ego

My doubts:
It is ego

In the beginning of times
Was there ego
Just around the corner?

A thousand billion years ago:
It is ego

The most vacant vacuum:
It is ego

You can break
The sound barrier
But not the ego barrier:
It is ego

Ben, 2021