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Youri Vincy is presenting Ben’s 11th solo show at Galerie Lara Vincy and for the first time an artwork in LA BOITE EN VITRINE rue Jacques Callot. Below, the text Ben transmitted to us about it:

Funny exhibition
I don’t know why
I am 83 years old
and for my exhibition at Youri Vincy’s place
I would have loved
to do and show something New
but even if I try
I can’t find anything new
nothing astonishes me anymore
only gimmicks everywhere
I don’t believe in it anymore

I stop to make the point
and to ask myself exactly
the same questions
I was reflecting about 50 years ago

Therefore I am obliged to recognize that
within 50 years I have not changed at all
I am stagnating
I am stuck
in a dead end
With the same questions
Why art?
What is art?
Does art lie?
Is art only ego?
Can art be the absence of art?
Does art exist without new?
Who benefits from art?
Will there be an end to art?
Can there be art without ego?
Is new always new?
Can beauty be ugly and vice versa?
If everything is art, who does art serve?
Is the purpose of art is to ask questions?
How will art look like in 15566 years?
Can we do art without new?
Why do you like this? (or dislike?)
To make something new isn’t
that old like the world itself?
Should we purchase art? And why?
Should we believe in art? And why?
Kant said: beautiful is what I appreciate
Do you like this?
Is art a fraud?
Can art be the absence of art?
Can material be thinking?
Is art a fiction?
To forget art is it art?
Can there be art without time? (with clock)
Why to hang this canvas on the wall?
What can be new after Ben, Duchamp and Cage?
What happened 13 billion years ago?
What is the question?
To ask oneself this question is it art?
Can you repeat the question?
What is a question?
Is it possible to create a robot specialised
in the research of innovation?
Can art be an appendix of sex?
Is art position could be before the Big Bang?
Can we and should we imagine the cloning of artists?
Is there a language which would not contain
the word “art” or its equivalent?

There will be also  in the show at Youri Vincy’s place

This wall created
during the exhibition will be an extention of the questions ‘s wall
Because the wall of the “poor art collector”
asks its own questions about art
and helps to make progress
What is style?
Is repetition art?
Can there be art without personality?

So, let’s meet to answer questions
at Youri Vincy’s place on Thursday January 17 at 6:33 pm

I suggest a debate
to which you bring these questions

and you can also order
questions among my list of questions
on canvas or drawing on paper

Ben, December 29, 2018

Benjamin Vautier, aka BEN
Born in 1935 in Naples, Italy.
Lives and works in Nice.

Previous solo shows at Lara Vincy Gallery: 1983, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016