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Clémentine Mélois
Born in 1980.
Lives and works in Nantes/France.

French visual artist, photographer and writer, Clémentine Mélois has been a member of Oulipo since June 2017.

After studying at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, in the workshops of Michel Salsmann and Christian Boltanski, Clémentine Mélois, trained in printing techniques, specialized in the printed document, in particular the artist's book. Her work blends pop culture and classical culture, web culture and art history in a game on the codes of photography and publishing. She also has a taste for diversion and photomontage.


- "UN CABINET D'AMATEUR" (A GALLERY PORTRAIT), galerie Lara Vincy, Paris. (solo show)

- "Giono", Mucem, Marseille, France.
- "Bibliofake", Médiathèque Françoise Sagan, Paris.
- "100 artists in the city" - ZAT 2019", organised by the MO.CO, Montpellier, France.

- "De deux choses l'une", galerie Lara Vincy, Paris. (solo show)