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Extended until Saturday, April 18.

The Vague World is the world of vague things. Vague things are vaguely things. The Vague World is nonetheless fairly vague because vague things are like impressions.
In the Vague World, nothing is really worked out. The world of calculus is the Hard World, the world of speed and of competition.
The Vague World moves around in the Hard World like a sort of crackling, of something going astray. So that, at the moment when a certain mass of hardness is embedded into the hardness, the casing itself becomes something rather vague.
The Vague World is not in itself a metaphor for art; it is rather the crackling of the vague into the hard that acts as a catalyst for metamorphosis. It is when the vague rises to the surface in the Hard World, like an Outside of the world within the world, or like an evasive outgrowth, that granulations, rubbings, images begin to crackle.
Actuality of the Vague World, the new program of the Banque Aléatoire DE Récit, offers different methods of outcroppings and of cracklings, in the shape of paintings, of drawings, of photographic restitutions, and of assemblages within a mixed technique.
The first modality is based on the principle of “topographic postography” or how to affix vague things with a “postographic instrument”. If the post is the point of stowage of the vague, then a vague surface of paint “looks like a landscape” so long as it has been “postographed”. To that postographic activity, are associated “machinists”, “postographers”, fanciful creatures: half-man half-bird, in charge of activating the grizzling where the vague emerges inside the hard.
Another modality presents a certain hesitant research into an approximate philosophy, based on the hybridization of texts, but the whole inside a jar.
A third modality is based on the capture of images (directly photographed images or extracted from newspapers) in order to make them “crackle” so as to extract a vague idea of the “outside” from them.
Actuality of the Vague World also shows a whole little people, vaguely calculating, whose faces are drawn in mathematical signs like so many unsolvable operations, thereby showing that in the Hard World of competition and of power, the human being never comes out right.
The human being as the crackling in the world.
After Dong Dong in 2007, and Agence Nationale De Récit Évasif in 2011,
Actualité du Monde Vague is the seventh one-man show by Jean-Luc André in the Lara Vincy gallery since 1990.
Artist and theoretician, Jean-Luc André has created and continues to develop the concept of the “body-narrative” as the edge of the real. How “the tale is embodied”, and how “the body translates the tale”? That problematic - which is very similar to the principle of “disjunctive synthesis”, to such an extent that one might speak of “turmoilatics” – profoundly motivates Jean-Luc André’s theoretical and visual activity, which evolves following various fields of exploration.
Thus, Jean-Luc André took part as early as 1977 in the founding of the group of hybrid and experimental music “Déficit Des Années Antérieures” (DDAA), simultaneously a sound experience and an attempt at a plasmaturgy of the real. This exhibition will be an opportunity to showcase the group’s latest undertakings: “Electrification” vinyl 25cm for the label Illusion Production and “Hazy World” cd for the Polish label Nefryt.
Translated in English by Ann Cremin