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Peter Vogel
Born in 1937 in Freiburg, Germany.
Died in 2017 in Freiburg (D).
Painter since 1955, he did physics studies from 1957 to 1964.
He did a research work on industry from 1965 to 1975.
From 1965 to 67, he worked on dance and choreography and from 66 to 70, he composed electronic music. His first cybernetic objects realised in 1969.
Both artist and physician, Peter Vogel creates installations and sensitive objects since 1969. Thus, he realised an aesthetic work linking scientific knowledge and his proficiency on transistorized circuits. They were interactive items, controlled by inner logic, answering to light, shadow or sound produced by the visitor with microphones and photocells game. If you both think about cybernetic and science of reflex systems, you can consider the exchange between programmed relief and public. The spatial structure of these items can only be entered with an active involvement from the public partner. This structure, both visible and playful, sensitizes us to the mechanism himself and takes us to a random creative process.
He did many personal and collective exhibitions in museums, galleries and contemporary art fairs in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.
One man shows at Lara Vincy Gallery:

- Interactive Objects
- Son, lumière et mouvement
- Sculptures interactives
- Sculptures sonores et lumineuses
Represented in many museums:
- Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe, Germany.
- Musée d'Art Moderne, Freiburg, Germany.
- Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafene, Germany.
- Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada.
- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany.
- Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.
- Städtisches Museum, Gelsenkirchene, Germany.
- Museum Wiesbaden (Collection Berger), Germany.
- Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, Germany.
- Sindelfingen (Collection Lütze), Germany.
- Städtische Galerie im Prinz Max Palais, Karlsruhe, Germany.
- Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten, Marle, Germany.
- Fondation David Bermant, Rye, New York, USA.
- Haags Gemeentmuseum, La Haye, Netherlands.
- Pfalzgalerie, Kaiserslauterne, Germany.
- Städtisches Museum, Wolfsburge, Germany.
- Gouvernement de Kanagawa, Yokohama, Japan.
- ZKM -Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Karlsruhee, Germany.
- Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschedee, Germany.
- Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadte, Germany.
- Electrum- Museum der Elektrizität, Hambourge, Germany.
- IBM Science & Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
- Wakayama Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama, Japan.